Governor LR

Dear participants in the conference,

Vorarlberg is gaining in importance as a venue for international conferences, meetings, conventions and events. The reasons for this are several: the state of Vorarlberg is located in the very heart of Europe and is a quadripoint between Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. This particular geographical location in the midst of our continent and the small part of inland borders of merely 19% have influenced and characterized sustainably and positively not only the regional economic activities, but also people of the region. Quite early people had to orientate beyond the borders of Vorarlberg. Consequently, the Vorarlberg population developed an export-oriented economic structure and a particular open-mindedness and receptiveness to new ideas.

Today, Lake Constance area is one of the most dynamic and efficient regions in Europe. Various indicators make the outstanding evolution of this region visible: the population in the region of Lake Constance increased by almost seven per cent between 1999 and 2009, which is significantly more than in other national states. At the end of 2009, more than 3.8 million people lived in the adjacent regions around the lake. In 2008, the gross domestic product of the region was 186 billion Euros, similarly high as the GDP of Finland.

Apart from the geographical aspect and the renown of Vorarlberg as a modern and innovative production and industrial and business location, the attractiveness of the environment for conventions and conferences is even enhanced by the Bregenz Festival House and by further institutions, such as the Vorarlberg university of applied sciences. In addition to its infrastructure, Vorarlberg offers a unique natural landscape, in summer as well as in winter, that ranges from Mediterranean-like shores of Lake Constance passing through the foothills of the Alps and sunny terraces to the most impressive summits of the high-altitude mountains around Arlberg and Silvretta. Moreover, Vorarlberg has a multifaceted and most lively art and cultural scene and an architecture that has come to the fore of an expert public already long ago.

It is a particular distinction for Vorarlberg as a research and technology center to have been selected by the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA) and the Swiss Austrian German Simulation and Gaming Association (SAGSAGA) to host their 45th Conference in Dornbirn. With the Vorarlberg university of applied sciences we may offer a modern center of competence for education and advanced training that sustainably secures the strong position of the industrial and business location in international competition. I would like to particularly thank Prof. Dr. Willy Christian Kriz who is responsible for the organization of the conference. I wish all the participants in the conference interesting and profitable hours and a pleasant stay in Vorarlberg.

Mag. Markus Wallner

State Governor

Mag. Harald Sonderegger

Member of Government of Vorarlberg
Department Science and Culture